Are you looking for a cozy country inn with
a reasonable price ? If so c
Why don't you come and stay with us ?

(A "pension" in Japan is usually a small country inn run by a family.)
We , the"Pension Shiroikouma" , the White Pony , will treat you to delicious meals , nice and neat guest rooms , clean and comfortable beds.
Also, Reiko , the house wife, and her daughter speak English. You can even take your dog with you and stay with him(or her?) in your room.
Around the " Pension Shiroikuma", you can enjoy driving , hiking ,horseback riding , tennis , skiing , skating(in winter ), etcc.
Now , just call us or e-mail us . You'll never fail to love us !!

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" Pension Shiroikouma " (Pension White Pony)
Tel. 0551-36-4150 Fax. 0551-36-2929
E-mail F
§408-0044 10089-4, Kobuchizawa, Yamanashi, Japan


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